Fusion Ibizan Hounds

Wire Coat Ibizan Hounds


 "Pogo" BIV 2010 Nationals                                 DC Dona Del Solar De Tara

  udge Mr. Thomas Kilcullen                                  " DONA"  From Spain

   Lisa Mckay trophy persenter                               A Top Ibizan in the U.S.


                         The Ibizan hound is a clean, intelligent, athletic, loving, and kind natured dog. At one time this graceful breed was a hunting companion to the Pharaohs   of ancient Egypt. The Ibizan hound lives by “pack animal” mentality with their people (family) being part of the pack. A yard with a secure fence is important for this breed due to their ability to jump 5 feet with ease. They have  clown like personalities and are filled with tons of joy and happiness. 

                  Ibizan hounds are very versatile and with training are excellent at Lure Coursing, Hunting, Hiking, Jogging, Swimming, Conformation, Therapy Dog, Obedience, Companionship, and much more. Many of these events are easily learned and can be performed with the entire family.

Tammy Hirstein Forbes       Wildwood, FL   USA

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      Ibizan Hounds love to Lure Course!